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Why TSO Galveston


It is the aim of TSO to provide quality products that retain their serviceability long after the sale. Good products are functionally a pleasure to own because they stay adjusted and continue to look good for years. Junk frames disintegrate and discolor.. TSO Gives you the best quality for the money. A budget collection is also available.


Both the lenses and frames at TSO are very competitively prices. The Galveston eye care center is cognizant of the pricing of optical stores both in Galveston and on the mainland and maintains a pricing structure that keeps people coming back to the office regularly. It is the goal to provide absolutely the best value in glasses. Sale frames and special offers are sometimes available.


There are a myriad of eyeglass frames from budget to super exclusive styles. What is being shown in frames parallels the fashion industry. This spring is bringing colorful ladies’ and men’s fashions. It is cheerful and feminine with colors that are richer than before. The stronger shades are natural and often ethnically inspired. The spring colors are Orange Peel, Aquarius, Paster Lilac, Macaw Green and Golden Apricot. The eyewear translation is one daring individuality pushing to fashion-forward metals. The newest excitement is the resurgence of plastic frames.

It is the continual goal of TSO in Galveston to bring wonderful new fashions to their clients and separate the selection opportunity from the mundane, boring look available at most eyeglass stores. Frames have to have a personality and tell a story for the wearer. They must enhance the look that the individual wants to portray and as a result, the office looks at frames as a fashion accessory that give excitement.

For the sophisticated wearer, we are starting to see a shift from the unisex look to a more dressy women’s frame. Colorful temples and bridges and pearlized finishes accent a soft dressy mood. Our Lux de Paris and Tura Lotus Collection are inspirations of this genre.

The modern art look is inspired by meticulously crafted and architecturally inspired dresses. They are geometric, minimalistic with stark colors. In frames, the textures are evident with brushed and satin finishes. Colors are copper, steel, gunmetal and bronze. A resurgence of shiny colors is in the wings. Sagado, Modo, Saki, Red Rose, and Silhouette show these cool designs at Texas State Optical of Galveston.

Ethnic Exotica is being seen in fabrics and the hues and patterns have made their way to eyeglass frames this year. Sunset colors and details in Nicole Miller and Mossimo plastics lead the way in high fashion.

Shapes are more geometric too. Round is passe. The European look is rectangular, shallow and wide for men and women. Of course, the Geek Look of black plastic is roaring back. The office shows Armani and Sagado here. Texas State Optical of Galveston brings you fashions as they happen and way before most opticals anywhere. Going to the premier shows in the country ensure that their customers and patients will have the best and newest as it is happening. It is comforting to know that the doctors and opticians in the office take their professions seriously to aid the patients in their health and fashion needs.


Most consumers today want to know what they are paying for and decide on the value of their purchase. Eyeglass frames are no exception. It is not always obvious as to why certain frames differ in price considerably. Appearances can be deceiving and customers need advice from a knowledgeable optician to guide them. The cost of frames depends on a few major issues.

The material makes a big difference. Good stainless steels and titanium will increase the price of a frame but will give great satisfaction in reduced weight and corrosion resistance. Soldering can be by laser. Poor materials and cheaply soldered frames fall apart quickly — just like cheap tools. Parts like silicone nose pads, polymer-coated screws and good spring hinges add to the cost of a frame.


TSO has both prescription and non-prescriptiopn sunglasses available. Styles range from Baush & Lomb to Oakley, Costa del Mar, Persol, Gucci and SPY for the young crowd.

Many prescription sunglasses can be made to look just like their non-prescription counterparts. Baush & Lomb even has a program where prescription sunglasses have the Rayban insignia printed on the lenses. Active sunwear is also in stock. Adidas make a good example of a shield that can be worn with or without a prescription clip behind the shield. These glasses are great for biking, skiing or jogging, either with your prescription or over your contact lenses.

Sunglasses with polarized lenses cut reflected light from water, streets, or cars. They are excellent for boating and can be made in all prescriptions. To get the real “California” look, sunglasses can be made with mirrors in silver, gold, or blue


  • The great pride of TSO Galveston is the service that the opticians provide. Their expertise and friendly service is unparalleled.
  • Glasses are often made the same or next day. Lenses are edged on a new technology Santinelli edger which ensures a lens bevel that conforms perfectly to the frame resulting in a secure fitting lens
  • The office does all minor repairs on glasses including soldering. Frame adjustments are free to regular customers and the personnel strive to assure your total satisfaction.